Three years ago, a brain trust of stellar physicians, researchers, and nurses came together in acknowledgment of the need for a recorded history of cancer care at the University of Virginia. We are pleased to announce the completion of “A History of Cancer Care at the University of Virginia, 1901-2011,” a book tracing the evolution of UVa’s program from its inception to the advent of the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center. This book provides vast insight into the teamwork, dedication, collegiality, and skill–as well as luck–which was necessary for the Cancer Center to exist today. Twenty-five oral history interviews were conducted in the course of researching the book, and are included with the book or may be viewed in the videos section of this website. Written by Henry K. Sharp, Ph.D. and Morton C. Wilhelm, M.D. the Joseph Helms Farrow Professor Emeritus in Surgical Oncology, University of Virginia School of Medicine. Abridged versions of each chapter are available on this website.

Front cover of book, DVD set included

The volume has a two-part Conclusion by George A. Beller, M.D., the Ruth C. Heed Professor of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Division, UVa Health System and Peyton T. Taylor, Jr., M.S., M.D., the Richard N. and Louise R. Crockett Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, founding director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at UVa, and the Associate Medical Director of the University of Virginia Cancer Center.

Historical Collections staff members contributed many hours actively involved in every aspect of the UVa History of Cancer Care Project since its inception, including doing research in the archives, editing, finding photos, creating the index and bibliography, and proofreading.

The members of the History of Cancer Care at the University of Virginia, 1901-2005, Committee proved to be a wonderfully involved and committed group and we are grateful for their guidance and support: Robert W. Cantrell, M.D., Diane D. Cole, M.P.H., Mary E. Gibson, Ph.D., Jay Y. Gillenwater, M.D., Gerald Goldstein, M.D., Sharon L. Hostler, M.D., John A. Jane, Sr., M.D., Ph.D., Joan Echtenkamp Klein, M.S.L.S., Daniel N. Mohler, M.D., Thomas J. O’Leary, Ph.D., Peyton T. Taylor, Jr., M.D., Munsey S. Wheby, M.D., and Morton C. Wilhelm, M.D.

The individuals who agreed to be interviewed and whose stories and memories were incredibly valuable to the historical narrative of cancer care at UVa: Robert W. Cantrell, M.D., David Cattell-Gordon, M.S.W., Diane D. Cole, M.P.H., Milton T. Edgerton, M.D., Jay Y. Gillenwater, M.D., Gerald Goldstein, M.D., Kenneth E. Greer, M.D., Sharon L. Hostler, M.D., John A. Jane, Sr., M.D., Ph.D., Theodore E. Keats, M.D., Robert E. McLaughlin, M.D., James M. Larner, M.D., Stacey E. Mills, M.D., Daniel N. Mohler, M.D., Mary Jane Morris, R.N., Thomas J. O’Leary, Ph.D., J. Thomas Parsons, Ph.D., Craig L. Slingluff, M.D., Bradley M. Rodgers, M.D., Peyton T. Taylor, Jr., M.D., Agathe van der Erve, R.N., Michael J. Weber, Ph.D., Munsey S. Wheby, M.D., Morton C. Wilhelm, M.D., and Michael E. Williams, M.D. We also wish to thank John B. Hanks, M.D., R. Scott Jones, M.D., and David E. Smith, M.D., for their contributions.

Gretchen N. Arnold, Director of the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, provided financial and administrative support for the project. Wilma Lynch, the Library’s Administrative Services Manager, helped us with the myriad of details involved with a project of this scale. An undertaking this complex and time-consuming could not have been done without the commitment, hard work, juggling of priorities, and the moving of mountains by the Library’s Historical Collections staff: Sonya Coleman, Joan Echtenkamp Klein, Victoria Meyer, and Janet Pearson. Henry K. (Hal) Sharp, a long-term Library and Historical Collections staff member, came back to be the editor and initial shaper of the book. Jacob Canon, the project’s videographer, brought his expertise and creativity to the project and we are grateful. David Moody, the Library’s Webmaster, assisted with and provided guidance for the creation of the project’s Website.

For permission to reproduce any of the text or those images owned by Historical Collections and Services or to make comments or suggestions, please contact a member of Historical Collections.

The book (200 pages, illustrated, includes 2 DVDs, hardcover, $35) may be purchased from the UVa Bookstore, the UVa Medical Alumni Office (434-924-1734 or 866-315-0947), or the Positive Image Boutique in the ECCCC.