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Views PDF, VBO + Rule Sets = thousands of custom forms

Note to all:  this module is majorly messed up – am leaving this warning here until is resolved – briefly the template files get deleted and the output becomes munged after ~1,000 pdfs are generated.   Also while some of my early tests were cranking ~100-200 pdfs per minute we’re seeing results now in the… Read more »

Node Convert and Views Bulk Operations

Do you have heathen nodes?  Convert them!  Today we bring to you the gospel of Views Bulk Operations and Node Convert, assisted by Improved Admin Listing, and of course Views… For the videophiles here’s a youtube for the proess Download and install the mods Design your conversion template – each field and taxonomy must be… Read more »

Creating portals in Drupal with views, taxonomies, and contexts part 1

CONTENT:  BULK TAXONOMIC TERM EDITING – by Mike Wilson This is a synopsis of how to generate taxonomies based on URL aliases URL MIGRATION, etc. ⁃    In Drupal, follow this path:  “Content Management” -> “Content” -> “Improved Listing” ⁃   Change “url migration: dest” from “is equal to”   to “Contains” ⁃    Fill in box with the… Read more »

Node Convert and Rules Triggers for organizing work flows

Lately we’ve become enchanted with node convert as a handy tool for organizing our nodes. We’ve got permissions settings per content type – so converting the node type becomes simpler than to adding various taxonomies or toggles or what not – just convert the node from one type to another. We’ve worked with rules and… Read more »

Drupal 6 + Modules we Love Volume 1, Views

In recent months we’ve spent untold hours migrating content and workflows into Drupal and this is meant to be a running list of best practices, modules we love, and ways to avoid drupal hell. In this review we’re looking at why we love views… 1) Use Views. Everywhere and for everything. Almost every problem is… Read more »