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equipment booking system — simplify(ing) comments

We don’t have a lot of feedback about how our patrons are using the current equipment booking system. There may be information that users could share with one another (and the library) if given a mechanism to do so. So as part of the new booking system implementation in Drupal, we set a task of… Read more »

panel permissions for content editors

Over the past few months our site has undergone a total re-design // upgrade from Drupal 6 => 7.   The priority was to rebuild functionality and migrate content quickly and cleanly – permissions schemes and editing privileges for our content contributors took a backseat. Now that the site has been launched and stabilized, we’ve… Read more »

some performance tweaks for drupal at uva

Many of us work with a standard ITC lamp stack here. Drupal has a few pages – namely the permissions pages and the modules pages – that may require extra memory temporarily to play nicely. In the modules page we were getting an error from mysql about the maximum size of the packets allowed by… Read more »