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sub-path alias and url alter for great urls and workflows

A few weeks ago after looking at the taxonomy views integrator a reader posted about how helpful sub path alias is combined with url alter and of course pathauto.   Full Disclosure: tested path alias extended, it seems more robust, but must have missed something as it didn’t flow right off the shelf… Use Case:  when… Read more »

Creating portals in Drupal with views, taxonomies, and contexts part 1

CONTENT:  BULK TAXONOMIC TERM EDITING – by Mike Wilson This is a synopsis of how to generate taxonomies based on URL aliases URL MIGRATION, etc. ⁃    In Drupal, follow this path:  “Content Management” -> “Content” -> “Improved Listing” ⁃   Change “url migration: dest” from “is equal to”   to “Contains” ⁃    Fill in box with the… Read more »

Data module for joining url_alias in views filter

Story : One may add a node path in the fields section of a view, however one may not by default use path filters in views… Since our site is strongly path based for use in contexts this presented a challenge when performing bulk operations.  The data module provides an elegant solution for this omission…. Read more »

Node hierarchy, menu block, pathauto, and contexts

The Menu Block on the left is created with the following settings as per Mustardseed Media‘s tutorial – first we link the node hierarchy pages to the Primary menu, then we go from the second level down and let the nodes flow…       In our block settings page, however we have not assigned… Read more »