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Draggable views banner system

wow, well sometimes change comes fast… last week I was all amped up on nodequeues for their solid integration with views and thought I had finished up the job… until I started delving in to it and realized I was going to be adding a lot of nodequeues (one per view) and that the flow… Read more »

views nivo slider and nodequeue for a banner system

Story:  we need a banner system on our website, something simple.  We decided to use views nivo slider with an image preset based in imagecache and organized with nodequeue. The process is pretty simple, Add a new banner -> node/add/banner-content Bulk generate the nodequeue -> admin/content/generate_nodequeue and generate the nodequeue for banners Sort the nodes… Read more »

nodequeue to organize links on a page

Story: you want to organize a list made by a view in an arbitrary fashion (ie, not by posting date, not alphabetical, etc…) = node queue provides a drag and drop way to do this… here’s the what’s covered in the video 1) creating a new nodequeue = admin/content/nodequeue/add/nodequeue 2) adding nodes to a queue… Read more »