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two new drupal distros – one for voting, one for 3d printing e-commerce

Two new drupal distributions available on github ** is the distribution behind – it’s an attempt to run a political campaign through a virtual proxy… ** – this is the code behind it’s an e-commerce solution for 3d printing… A lot of this is implemented in rules and other well-standardized code thanks to Joe Pontani - a… Read more »

Adding Taxonomy Images to Taxonomies in Drupal

We looked at adding new fields to taxonomies here and now we need to add images.  Thank you Mike Wilson for contributing this step-by-step tutorial for doing just that.  Also thanks to NancyDru for the taxonomy image module NB: This recipe is specifically built around copying and pasting from the existing images.   Obviously you would… Read more »

Adding LDAP fields to user profiles

Now that we’ve got netbadge authentication using the pubcookie module we need to further distinguish our users here at UVa….  We’re not actually using LDAP for directory access, rather it’s a home for some nice metadata on our users, and we all like to know our users without having to pester them and ask them… Read more »

some performance tweaks for drupal at uva

Many of us work with a standard ITC lamp stack here. Drupal has a few pages – namely the permissions pages and the modules pages – that may require extra memory temporarily to play nicely. In the modules page we were getting an error from mysql about the maximum size of the packets allowed by… Read more »

Quick note about stickynotes

While we’re in the development phase of our site we are very interested in getting feedback from our peeps.  Feedback forms are ok, however they sometimes lack clarity – which page did the feedback come from, where on the screen are they talking about… Enter stickynotes for those of you with UVa clearance you’re welcome… Read more »

Learning from the PSU model – the dashboard known as homebox

Pennsylvania State University has been adamant in their usage and dissemination of Drupal.  Led by Bryan Ollendyke their team has released several great modules for Drupal including Outline Designer  – a tool for book design in drupal Wunderbar! Assignment Studio – a new tool for editing course work Riffly – realtime audio and video comments… Read more »

15 Minutes + Pubcookie + Drupal = UVa + Netbadge

SITUATION NetBadge is the ubiquitous authorization tool here at UVa, and it authenticates every user providing access to hundreds of resources On-Grounds.  Adding UVa credentials to your website is a great way to qualify the input on your site.  Everything from adding comments on a site to providing special features or content may be of… Read more »