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Context Variables and get_defined_vars() for themeing in drupal 6

Recently we ran in to a real strangeness in our context themeing… for reasons not fully understood the front page was not loading the page-front.tpl.php page used typically to theme the front page.¬† At a loss for what to do I went to the IRC channel and was helped by SeriousMatters and foundationkid who recommended… Read more »

Learning from the PSU model – the dashboard known as homebox

Pennsylvania State University has been adamant in their usage and dissemination of Drupal.¬† Led by Bryan Ollendyke their team has released several great modules for Drupal including Outline Designer¬† – a tool for book design in drupal Wunderbar! Assignment Studio – a new tool for editing course work Riffly – realtime audio and video comments… Read more »