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Apachesolr Autocomplete for Views and exposed filters in block for site search

For the folks who need a working copy of apachesolr autocomplete for use with apachesolr views here’s a repo that’ll help – bear in mind that it’s just the latest version with patches #13 & 14 listed in the autocomplete issue queue applied.  Just figure it’ll save someone a minute of testing against the… Read more »

Apachesolr Views is back! and a couple other handy ApacheSolr mods

It’s been a while since we looked at Apachesolr Drupal integration.  In large part that is because it “just works.” With the recent release of new code on Apachesolr Views (Big ups to dstuart, Ravi.J and ygerasimov for the recent contributions… everything seems to be aces) it’s time to revisit the subject. If you have… Read more »