sub-path alias and url alter for great urls and workflows

A few weeks ago after looking at the taxonomy views integrator a reader posted about how helpful sub path alias is combined with url alter and of course pathauto.   Full Disclosure: tested path alias extended, it seems more robust, but must have missed something as it didn’t flow right off the shelf…

Use Case:  when a user logs in I want them to go to a URL based on their user ID and immediately begin editing the URL.  Pathauto will give you token replacements to do stuff like survey/[user:uid] however when you go to edit the node it typically reverts back to node/81948794387/edit making it difficult to reference.  You could use something like drupal_get_normal_path($path); to do this, but that's not going to make it pretty on the url line, and it's just kinda messy.


A rules based page redirect to an edit page - no node lookups needed


For those interested in a video it's here - no reason to get too excited though - it really does just work - tested against 40,000 nodes and they're all happy, you should be too...

Other niceties – your user/username/edit pages are now working, your mother sent you cookies and it’s Monday morning.  Get some.

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