Semantic Views, Semantic CCK, and Sweaver – Drupal Theming for non-programmers

By default Drupal has a habit of creating nested div tags to the point of styling near impossible.  The standard technique for editing styles then is to go in and start hacking at .tpl.php pages methodically kludging every output to perfection.  What misery.  For those of us who like to go in and see our changes happen while simultaneously cleaning up our default output Drupal developers have created a handful of tools for simple content styling that’ll get you 95% of the way down the road.

For those of you who prefer here’s a brief screencast of the core concepts Semantic Views and Sweaver

Semantic Views is a great tool, there are some great videos on the net about it - the heart of the matter is that you get a new style for your Views Output called… semantic views.  Select it for the row style as well, and you will now see a list of all the fields in your view made available for custom tagging

Semantic CCK works in a similar fashion, giving designers new labels to wrap the field input, the label and the output with unique identifiers.  


ok ok, so now you’ve got all of your output looking sharp, but you still want to style it… and you still don’t want to look at another .tpl.php page.  Welcome Sweaver.  Sweaver is hands down one of the slickest UI editors around – it lets you grab objects on the screen thanks to some jquery, and edit, save, and publish styles making the whole page a wysiwyg experience.  In this screenshot you can see a bit of what’s going on…


Hopefully this will help the graphics people get started… and a special thanks to Heather Rodriguez UMD for actually reading this post and translating it from typo to English – you Rock!  Also for D7 folks semantic views is available in Views 3.x-dev -

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