3 Responses to Rule Scheduling and Emailing Views According to CCK date fields

  1. betovarg says:

    What use would you give the nodes created for each sign up? Like a list of users that have signed up to an even or class, through views?

    • alibama says:

      exactly = we’re rolling with cck signup and then send the roster of people signed up to the teacher, and then the day after the class we send each member on the signup list an evaluation to fill in. The use cases for this are awesome, and I think it should work well in Drupal 7 with Views Rules although i haven’t tested it yet

      • betovarg says:

        Thanks for the reply. I thought that would be the use case. Im looking for notifications for events but dont necesarily need the list of people, so I guess we’re better off using the regular sign up module, on a D6 install.

        Great article thanx!